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The back of yo’ head look RIDIC-UH-LUS

February 22, 2010

Don’t. Just don’t. Owning a teasing comb should be a privilege, not a right. Just like stores keep track of crackheads who buy cough medicine to make meth, I believe the government should keep track of people who purchase Bumpits (and yes, that is how it is actually spelled. Bum.Pits.-’nuff said). If I had it my way, people would be required to take a field test and obtain a License to Poof.

From Greektown to the Jersey Shore, teasing has become an epidemic. There is nothing wrong with adding a little volume to flat, lifeless hair. When your head becomes a possible new home for Feivel and his family as they go West, however, you have gone to far. Set down the Big Sexy Hairspray and step away from the mirror. Take a moment to Clorox the grime off your bathroom counter, and reevaluate your life goals.

Regardless of the time or place, hair should look natural and healthy. You can still achieve lift without looking like you belong in a revival of Hairspray. Products like Redken Wool Shake will help you on your way, especially when accompanied by blowdrying with a medium-to-large size round brush and MODERATE teasing.

Examples of what not to do…


Now that you have seen the error of your ways, let me show you what hair that is properly volumized looks like…

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