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Oh shoot! I forgot my pocket protector!

February 23, 2010

Pens are a necessity in school. But whether you carry them in your pocket or your purse, they have a nasty habit of exploding. So what do you do when this happens and mom isn’t there to help? HAIRSPRAY! Hairspray, aside from being great on, you know, hair, is also magical when it comes to removing ink stains. Seriously: Magical.

What you’ll need…
1) Alcohol-based hair spray
2) Paper towel
3) Rag (preferably white)
4) Laundry detergent

1) Put a paper towel underneath your garment.
2) Saturate the stain with hairspray. I mean reallllyyyyy saturate it. Pretend you are on Jersey Shore or Real Housewives of Orange County or something: Go to town.
3) Let it sit for about 10 minutes, then blot the stain with the rag. Repeat until the stain is gone or as close to gone as possible.
4) Wash your previously ruined item with hot water and the ink should disappear! Ta-da!

Hint: If this doesn’t work, try using Spot Shot if the stained item is white. If that doesn’t work, give up and switch to pencils.

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