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AHH-CHOO! Four household items your mom never told you to clean…

February 24, 2010

Well Grubby Girls (and Boys), Spring is here, and that means it is time to get rid of all the nastiness you have been allowing to accumulate over the cold winter months. After vacuuming and mopping, your abode may look clean to the naked eye, but some of the dirtiest places and things are often accidentally neglected. Allow me to elaborate…

The following is a list of things you can (and should) wash regularly:

1) Any and all couch cushions and pillows: They have zippers for a reason! Slip a dryer sheet in when re-covering pillows to keep furniture smelling fresh!

2) Your bedskirt: Bedskirts definitely lend some oomph! to any bedroom’s decor, but they are also dust and dirt magnets. Iron after washing for a more polished look, or use the hair straightener trick to crease the four edges.

3) Your shower curtain: You shower when you are dirty. Therefore, logically, your shower curtain is going to be infested with dirt and germs, not to mention a build-up of shampoo and grime. Wash the outer decorative curtain while you’re at it.

4) Your curtains and window treatments

Hint: Follow washing instructions if they are given, of course. Otherwise, it is a good rule of thumb to wash items on a warm/cold cycle and hang dry. The hotter the water, the more germs you kill; but you also don’t want to shrink anything. Most items that say “dry clean only” (except for silk, satin, lace, etc.) can actually be hand washed or washed on gentle with cold water, so save your money.

Addition to the hint: I feel like I should add that you should NOT under any circumstances put the actual pillows in the washer. Not.Under.Any.Circumstances. Just don’t.

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