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I’d rather be sleeping…

February 24, 2010

Having trouble falling asleep after all that caffeine (or Adderall) you ingested studying for first rounds? This won’t help with the shakes or that your brain is so fried you could no longer lace up velcro shoes, but it will aid the NyQuil in knocking you out! Check this site out for the internet’s version of a sound machine. What’s awesome is you can choose more than one noise to play at a time. Try “Bonfire” along with “Rain” and “Thunder”-I like to call it “Worst Camping Trip Ever.”

Note: I would recommend you self-medicate with Sleepy Time tea or Benadryl instead of sleeping pills. They don’t contain acetaminophen, prolonged use/abuse of which can cause cirrhosis. You really don’t want cirrhosis.

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