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Tip of the day: Keep the change ya’ filthy animal…

February 25, 2010

Spare change is annoying. Personally, coins gross me out. I sometimes throw them away…don’t do that. Change is a necessity for campus life, especially when you are either late or lazy and must drive to class. Or you are a commuter, at which point you should seriously consider moving. Additionally, quarters tend to come in handy if your apartment or house doesn’t have a washer/dryer.

Instead of pitching your cha-ching, keep a “spare-some-change” bowl or jar near your front door. That way, you can just toss change into it when you come home, and grab a handful as you leave. Parking tickets add up quickly, and if you don’t pay them (which you won’t), they WILL go on the bill to mom and dad. Trust me, they do not find this funny. So, keep the change ya’ filthy animal…or just give it to this guy:

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