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I got the Magic Stick…

February 26, 2010

The Livescribe Pulse Smartpen will help you on the way to greatness...

Ever had one of those classes where no matter how fast you write, you still can’t take everything down? Ya, I’m currently in three of them. One of my teachers actually thinks she is Mother Goose and lectures in stories. So do you write what is on the board, or what your professor is saying? I have finagled how to do both! Whoop whoop!

The Livescribe Pulse Smartpen is a pen that actually records your lectures as you take notes. Writing in special notebooks formatted especially for the pen, you can actually go back and listen to pieces of lectures just by pressing the tip of the Pulse on your notes. So, say you (and by you, I mean “I”) have absolutely no idea what something you wrote down means, how it is relevant, or really even if it is a real language. You just press on the confusing section and the pen plays back what your professor was saying at that time. Bitchin’, I know.

Even cooler is the Smartpen comes with software that allows you to upload your notes and lectures to your computer. It also comes with headphones that record in 3D. Yes, 3D audio, which who even knew was a real thing? What it does is record your lecture exactly as you hear it, so when you listen later, it is as if you are back in the lecture hall. Granted, you do look like kind of d-bag wearing ear buds attached to a pen in class, but at this point in my academic career, I really just do not care what the girl who picks her nose two seats down thinks. And yes, that actually happened the other day. If you are reading this: I sawww youuuu…

Although it is not cheap (they range from $149.95 to $249.95), it is definitely a smart investment. Try checking eBay and Amazon for better deals on both the pen and notebooks!

Click here for a review of the Pulse Smartpen

Hint: Journalism students, try using it when conducting interviews!

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