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Tip of the Day: Want to be the new face of acne? No? Didn’t think so…

March 1, 2010

The new face of Proactiv ladies and gentlemen!

…Because no one has wanted to be like Avril Lavigne since Nickelback was cool. So to avoid looking like Quasimodo, try this trick:


Your face and hair secrete oil. You sleep with your face and hair on your pillow. Therefore, the longer you wait in between laundry sessions, the more nastiness there is on your pillowcases. Girls, this is especially true for those of you who sleep in makeup.

Also, if you use any hair products that contain oily ingredients, that too will transfer onto your bedding. So if you are wondering why you are still breaking out when you exfoliate daily, maybe it is because you haven’t done laundry since winter break. Just sayin’….

Hint: Have two sets of sheets. Rotate them weekly, so you have a clean place to rest your head every 7 days!

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