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What’s on your Agenda?

March 1, 2010

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Ok, I know it’s called the momAgenda, but don’t let that fool you! The momAgenda brand has finally come out with a new line called myAgenda Day Planners! There are two reasons why this is exciting…

1) Because now when I carry mine around, people won’t speculate if I do, in fact, have a child.

2) The myAgenda is ten thousand times better than any bookstore or Wal-Mart planner. Ten.Thousand.

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Why, you ask? Because, I say…

-It is available in either weekly or daily page views. Pick your poison.
-The calendar spans 17 months, so you actually can use it for a year and a half.
-It has space for appointments, meetings, plans, etc., as well as four extra spaces per week where you can fill in your classes and assignments. THIS IS MY FAVORITE FEATURE!

(Image from

-This next part I am copying from the myAgenda website, because I’m lazy: “There is also space for important phone numbers, addresses, medical information, birthdays, favorite web sites, websites and passwords, expense record, space for notes on books, movies, fashion and music, vacation ideas and more.”

Basically, it is to college students today what the Trapper Keeper was to preteens in the 90’s: OXYGEN! You can get the myAgenda Planner in the “Original” version for $24.50, or “Desktop” for $28.00.

Note: Currently, myAgenda isn’t offered in the portfolio or faux crocodile styles, but I intend to harass them via e-mail until they meet my demands.

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