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So your friends are getting married…

March 2, 2010

Don't be another faceless victim of uglydressitis...

After you have gotten over your original shock, joy, and jealousy (your time will come), your thoughts are inevitably going to wander to the ever-touchy subject of bridesmaid dresses. For some reason, even the most stylish of brides will pick out the ugliest dresses in the history of wasted fabric.

Tread lightly friends. If you’ve ever seen Bridezillas, you know that the second biggest killer of women after heart disease is angry brides. Bitches are nuts. However, this does not mean you should sit back and let your friend dress you like 80’s Barbie either!

I’m talking about preventative measures people. Before your BFF forever even begins to look at dresses for herself, kindly present her with the J.Crew bridal catalogue- you know, because you’re so helpful. They offer a great selection of cuts, fabrics, and colors that are far better quality and much more fashionable than anything you will find at David’s Bridal (a.k.a the Wal-Mart of bridal stores). Plus, the cost is less than or equal to anything you will find at a bridal outfitter, and you are much more likely to wear it again.

Another great source for PHENOMENAL bridesmaid dresses is Beverly Siri’s website. I fell in love with the modern-yet-classic designs of Siri Inc. instantly. I wish someone I knew was getting married so I would have an excuse to order one…hint hint cousin Molly hint hint! Anyway, here are a few of my favorites…

Note: Siri’s website does not include prices, which is code for “expensive.” You will probably be footing the bill for your dress, so plan accordingly. And what if the bride ignores your friendly advice and outfits you in head-to-toe ruffles and taffeta anyway? Well, then there is always tequila…and payback.

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