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Tip of the Day: Please God, wash your new clothes…

March 5, 2010

When they say used, they probably don't mean by Tyra and Marissa Miller...

Most of us are aware that you should to wash newly purchased clothing, bedding, etc. before use. That doesn’t mean that we do it. Honestly, I always figured it was a waste of time and space in my washing machine. I mean, it’s new, right? Eh, more like new-ish

Apparently, retailers like Victoria’s Secret have decided it’s cool to sell us used underoos. Sick. Just effing sick. I won’t even wear the shoes at bowling alleys, and they only go on my feet. If that doesn’t make you want to take a chlorine bleach shower, just keep reading…

Good Morning America conducted a series of investigations and found the clothing tested contained “respiratory secretions, skin flora, yeast, fecal germs and vaginal secretions.” Fecal germs. As in POOP.

Moral of the story, after you have finished vomiting, you should probably go wash your “new” clothes. This includes the swimsuits you are hoarding for Spring Break in a few weeks. Nobody wants you walking around Panama with fecal matter on your hiney.

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