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Tip of the Day: Reed Diffuser Remedy

March 16, 2010

Love how reed diffusers make your abode smell, but hate having to constantly buy new ones? Me too. Also, it really, really bugs me that you can’t smell it until after you purchase it. How do I know if I like it if I can’t smell it first!? This makes me very, very angry.

Additionally, some of the diffusers are just plain ugly. You shouldn’t be forced to sacrifice aesthetics just because you finally found a vanilla that doesn’t smell like a cafeteria cookie.

Solution: reed diffuser refills. It’s so simple! Most brands sell refill bottles for their diffusers, so when you find one you like, buy a few refills too. It’s a lot cheaper than buying a whole new reed diffuser, and you know you’ll be satisfied with your scent! Also, if you have a diffuser bottle you like, keep it and just continue refilling!

Hint: Make sure you wash the diffuser between refills, or the dust that accumulates on the reeds will make the scented liquid look dirty and gross. Also, buy new reeds every once and awhile for maximum scent circulation. Take a cue from the candle tip, and place the old reeds (once dry) in your drawers as makeshift potpourri!

One of the best reed diffuser brands is WoodWick. It is expensive, but you will actually be able to smell it throughout your house!

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