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Paintings for pennies…Well, not exactly pennies, but close enough!

March 29, 2010

Most of you, like myself, are renters. It may be a buyers market, but until they start selling houses for $10, I will be forced to comply to my landlady’s rules and regulations. That means no painting the walls. Damn.

Don’t resort to adorning your apartment with tacky Hobby Lobby signs featuring the words “Le Bath” and “Le Bedroom.” Really, this is the bathroom? I guess the toilet and shower should have tipped me off. Good thing this sign is here.

Announcement: You don’t have to shell out the buku bucks to get art that hasn’t been mass-produced. Swear. All you have to do is find an artist and/or painting that strikes your fancy, and google “(insert artist/painting name here) posters.” Posters usually cost anywhere from $2 to $60, opposed to thousands for an original work. Hobby Lobby redeems itself by offering coupons for discounts on framing almost monthly.

If you want the texture and look not offered in posters, try replacing the word “poster” with “reproduction” or “copy.” Ta-da!

Here are some pictures of works by artist Megan Cosby (LOVE LOVE LOVE) I’m ordering!

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