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How to win friends and influence people: Cookie dough truffles

March 31, 2010

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You heard me: cookie dough truffles. Everybody loves cookie dough. Plus, the word “truffles” immediately calls to mind the word “fancy,” i.e. making you look really, really good.

“Bake” to impress (you will see why I put bake in quotation marks shortly) and show up all your friends at your next happy hour or barbeque! How, you ask? Like this, I say…

What you’ll need…
– Break and bake cookie dough (I recommend Tollhouse, but that’s just a personal preference from years of raw cookie dough consumption)
– Wax paper
– Melting chocolate
– Milk (optional, kinda)

1) Cover a baking tray or platter with wax paper.
2) Roll cookie dough into balls (slightly smaller than a ping-pong ball) and place them on the wax paper. Wash your hands off with water every five or so to help with sticking.
3) Put tray in the freezer for 30 minutes to an hour. The more frozen/solid the balls, the easier step #5 will be.
4) Pour melting chocolate into a small pot on medium heat. Add a splash of milk as it melts. Stir with a spoon until fully melted (it should be basically liquid).
5) Place one cookie dough ball at a time on a fork and hold over the pot, using a large spoon to cover it completely with the melted chocolate.
6) Place each truffle on wax paper once coated. They should harden in minutes.
7) Cover and keep in the fridge until serving. Ta-da!

Tip: For some reason beyond my understanding, grocery stores don’t typically carry melting chocolate. Craft stores, however, do. Crazy right? Michaels and Hobby Lobby both offer a variety of flavors and colors, but I advise sticking with standard chocolate.

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