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Oversharing 2.0: Social networking no-no’s…

April 6, 2010

These days, everyone and anyone belongs to one social networking site or another. This should be your first clue it might be a good idea to be a little bit careful about what you’re broadcasting via the worldwide web. Unfortunately, our generation has a nasty habit of over-sharing. In honor of that, here’s a list of ten insultingly obvious things you shouldn’t do on Facebook…

1. Stop posting on your significant other’s wall. The occasional comment is tolerable, but constantly declaring your love on their page reeks of insecurity. Insecurity smells a lot like stinky cheese.

2. Do NOT put up pictures of your labor and delivery. One would think this is a given. One would be wrong. You may be OK with sharing, but I am not OK with the years of therapy needed to cope with that shot of you in stirrups now seared into my brain.

3. “If you break up, keep your personal drama off of Facebook.” Retain some dignity and abstain from posting emo statuses and hourly updates on your emotional train wreck. You will regret it later.

4. Speaking of status updates, if the majority of your wall is courtesy of you, that’s a problem.

5. Don’t share your password with your boyfriend/girlfriend. Although it may seem like an act of openness, you shouldn’t need to check their private messages. If you do, you have trust issues- it’s probably not going to work out. Believe me: been there, dated that, dumped that.

6. Unless you are an eleven year-old girl, *TyPiNg L*i*K*e tHiS* is not acceptable. And if you are in fact an eleven year-old girl, you should not have Facebook. Go climb a tree, maybe make a friendship bracelet.

7. If someone has yet to accept your beet plant, baby cow, or fern, they do not want to play imaginary internet farm with you. Let it go.

8. If you wouldn’t want your mother, father, or future employer to see it, don’t put it up. I would say just don’t do it, but that would be ridiculous.

9. Something you said should not be one of your favorite quotes. We get it, you are the funniest person you know.

10. Writing “I don’t read” under your favorite books does not make you cool, it makes you ignorant and possibly illiterate. Oh, and Cosmopolitan is not a book. Vanity Fair, however, totally counts.

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