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The Drive-Thru Diet: Giving hope to fast food addicts everywhere…

April 11, 2010

Let me just get this out of the way: I think the new Taco Bell commercials are the single most hilarious thing to happen to TV since the dancing baby. Actually, I didn’t think the dancing baby was funny at all; I found it terrifying. Regardless, whoever the genius was that came up with this ad campaign should be knighted. I don’t understand why we don’t knight people in America. It’s a lovely concept.

Hey everyone, come see how good I look!

Moving on. Aside from the obvious hilarity of wanting to lose weight but being unwilling to give up fast food (and that the ad is shot like a Jillian Michaels diet pill promo), the “Drive-Thru Diet” is actually not such a bad idea. Some Sundays you just want to give in to your hangover and go some place where no one will judge the fact that you are not wearing shoes, a bra, or any visible aura of self-respect. Hypothetically.

Behold: The Fresco Menu

So next Holy Day of Hangovers, make a “frescolution” (BAHAHAHAHA) and satisfy your craving for grade D meat while still maintaining your girlish figure. Click here to view all seven options!

Disclaimer: Sometimes when you order a fresco item, they will call it a drive-thru diet item when they repeat your order back to you. Yes, I am aware how annoying this is. Forgive them- they work at Taco Bell. You’ll get over it, but they will always smell like fire sauce.

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  1. April 18, 2010 7:22 am

    Your RSS feed doesn’t work in my browser (google chrome) how can I fix it?

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