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Tip of the Day: Feeling a little sluggish?

April 14, 2010

Holy kitty diabetes. Maybe it’s time to switch to diet food Goliath.

Hot weather gotcha’ feeling like you’re moving in slow motion? Coffee loses its appeal when it becomes steamier outside your home than inside your mug. Iced coffee is OK, but it usually ends up tasting like lukewarm, watered-down regular coffee. Oh, and it gives you bad breath that borders on halitosis. No thanks.

No brewing necessary! A nice little perk for those of you who are perpetually running late...

Instead, switch to drinking green tea!. Not only does green tea contain caffeine, but it also provides antioxidants to help boost your metabolism. Try Arizona Green Tea Sugar Free Powder Stix for an instant energy fix. Just pour the packet into a water bottle or 8 oz. cup, stir, and enjoy! Zona can be found at most grocery stores, including national chains like WalMart and Hy-Vee. However, Target does NOT carry it, so heads up!

Side note: These also make great no-calorie mixers without making your drink taste like candied liquor. Try it with vodka and let the fun times roll!

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