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How-to: Fabric panel wall art…

April 16, 2010

WHY DID NO ONE BOTHER TELLING ME ABOUT THIS SOONER!? Jeebus do I have to do everything myself!?

This could very well be my favorite idea in the history of ideas. Yes, I do have a penchant for exaggeration, but I really think I mean it this time.

Apparently, the hours I spent scouring the internet and Home Goods have been a big fat waste of time and energy. Why buy wall art that you only kinda-sorta find tolerable when you can create one you adore? I don’t have the answer, because that was rhetorical.

Fabric panel wall art is big with the modern crowd. I’m not-so-big on modern, but for this I shall make an exception. Especially seeing as this costs roughly the equivalent of one night out (about $15). So if you are looking for something to add a little pizzazz to your place, check this out. B-Nasty and I just made one for her room in a total of five minutes, which is just great because my crafts usually turn out a little wonky- being that I tend to run out of patience and attention span half way through. Here’s how it turned out!

Where the magic happens...

Note: We didn’t use batting because, frankly, we forgot. If you can’t notice the difference, then I suggest you forget too. Also, we bought an Easy Tacker for $7 instead of a real staple gun. Nothing good would come from us having a staple gun.

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  1. October 30, 2010 12:22 pm

    wall arts are nice addtion to a great home too. my kids love to see wall arts “”

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