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How-to: French manicure minus the manicurist…

April 17, 2010

I know you're talking about me!

I was getting a french mani-pedi with my mama the other day when I was hit (more like smacked in the face) with a realization: I can do this on my own!

“Yea right,” you say. I understand your skepticism, but it is so simple it’s almost insulting. Read and be amazed…

What you need:
– 100% acetone nail polish remover
– White polish
– Eyeshadow brush
– Light pink polish
– Topcoat

1) File your nails and cuticles. Wash hands thoroughly using soap and a kitchen scrub brush.

2) Pour some acetone into a bowl.

3) Apply the white polish to the tips of your nails. Don’t even bother being careful or worrying about the shape.

4) Dip the makeup brush into the acetone, and blot lightly on a paper towel or napkin. Run the brush lightly along the nail to adjust the shape and thickness of the white polish to your personal preference. Basically, do exactly what you manicurist does.

Shape the white tip like so...

5) Apply one to two coats of the light pink polish. Be sure not to make them too thick: The thicker the coat, the more clumpy and sticky it polish will be. Try and wait a few minutes in between coats to allow the first to harden slightly (it will decrease the overall amount of dry time).

I recommend Sweetheart by O.P.I

6) Wait a few minutes then apply your topcoat. For the longest-lasting manicure, I recommend using O.P.I. It takes like two hours to totally harden, but when it does, it’s HARD. If you just need it to dry quickly with a nice shine, try Sally Hansen Insta-Dry Anti-Chip Top Coat. They definitely aren’t kidding when they say “instant.”

Here’s some pictures of how mine turned out. I’m no hand model, but you get the gist…

Hint: Repeat steps one and two if your white is too opaque for just one coat.

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