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While we’re on this whole “fabric” kick…

April 27, 2010

Did you know you can use fabric as temporary wallpaper? I don’t really recommend doing it on an actual wall unless you have lots of time and money, in which case this is probably not the website for you.

However, fabric wallpaper is perfect for jazzing up small spaces like built-in bars in rentals. Here’s how…

What you’ll need:
Spray starch

-Push pins

1) Measure the area, buy the fabric, yadda yadda yadda. Make sure the fabric is a lightweight cotton or synthetic material.

2) Measure and cut fabric panels to fit your wall. Maybe fold over the edges and spritz with starch to keep things looking polished.

3) Spray or paint starch on the top part of the wall.

4) Affix fabric panel to the starched area and continue adding the starch and fabric all the way to the baseboard.

5) Use push pins to temporarily hold fabric in place.

6) Spray or paint another round of starch on top of the fabric and smooth out any bubbles with a credit card.

7) Remove push pins when dry. Re-apply starch spray if/when edges start to come loose.

When your lease is up (or whenever you decide you’re sick of it), just spray some water on the fabric and pull it right off! Mix some soap and water in a bucket and scrub the area afterwards to remove any residue. Done and done.

Kristen Dirmeier of Silver Linings tried it in her entry way with a plain purple fabric and this is how it turned out…

Total cost: under $10

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