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Do The Photoshop Hop

May 17, 2010

Of course you're sad, your bunny slippers have no ears...

Ever have one of those days where you feel a bit…bleh?

It happens to everyone, and don’t worry, it’ll pass! But, while your waiting, there is nothing wrong with a little shameless pick-me-up. Indulge in a little laughter (and at times, horror) today with PhotoshopDisasters. Next time you are moping around about a picture making your arms look fat, remember this website, and be thankful there isn’t someone with a heavy finger photoshopping an extra one into the equation. Small favors people, small favors…

Sex and the City: Where full-face transplants happen! Sorry Kim Cattrall, your real face just didn't test well...

I spy with my little eye a pedophile playing the drums...

With the auto industry in the toilet, garages are really just for show anyway...

Oh wow. Just wow...

I think you may need a specialist for this one buddy...

How do you win American Idol? You have twelve fingers...

The exact opposite of "I have a big head, and little arms..."

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