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Tip of the Day: Giving Back

May 19, 2010

The best gifts are given anonymously...

As broke college students and the newly employed (or unemployed), donating to charity can sometimes seem out of our grasp.  Giving  is too often viewed as something only for those with ample time and funds.  This not just an untrue belief, but a selfish one.

Even the smallest amount of money counts when it goes towards something you care about.  Think of it like the year-round version of tossing change in the Red Cross Santa’s bucket.  Not only will it make you feel good, but you will be earning major JuJu points with the Big Man.  One of the easiest ways to donate is by simply shopping.  Sounds crazy, right?

Most websites and stores give shoppers the option of adding a dollar or two to their total to benefit a cause.  Next time you’re checking out, check out this easy and inexpensive form of giving!  Buy a paper shoe, and smile knowing you have contributed to something that matters!

Click here to make a donation to help cure type 1 diabetes today!

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