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I’ll trade you my pudding cup for your Dunkaroos…

May 22, 2010

You would think this was going to be a post about snacks. You would be wrong. I just love dunkaroos.

I knew Dunkaroos would get you attention. Yea yea, mean trick. l still don’t take it back.

Book trading websites are all the rage these days. This is great news for me. Why? Well, I think libraries smell. Oh, and they don’t take too kindly to my penchant for folding down pages and spilling drinks everywhere. Well la-ti-da. Although I guess you probably don’t want to completely destroy books you plan on trading either…

So for those of you who share my irrational dislike of libraries, here’s a list of the top four sites for literary swapping, ranked according to user feedback (and my own personal bias). No late fees, and all you pay is the cost of shipping! Start trading your old and unwanted books today!





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