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Meet the AmazingExperts! (via The AmazingCosmetics Blog)

July 16, 2010

Something Amazing this way comes...

Hey there GrubbyGirls! I am thrilled to announce that I have been lucky enough to be chosen as member of the new AmazingCosmetics product review panel! In case you are not yet familiar with the brand, AmazingCosmetics is one of Hollywood’s all-too well-kept secrets (greedy greedy!). Amazing’s products have helped up the gorgeous quotient for the stars of hit movies like Dream Girls, Sex and the City, and even the newest installment in the Twilight franchise, Eclipse (cue screaming Tiger Beat subscribers). Lord knows Kristen Stewert doesn’t look that good without a little help from some AmazingConcealer

Click here to visit out the official AmazingCosmetics website for yourself, and stay tuned for more updates about our favorite line of face-fixer-uppers! Oh, and don’t forget to check us out below in our new side gig as an AmazingExpert!

Hello everyone and congratulations to our Ten AmazingExperts!! W’re so excited to have such a diverse and fabulous panel! Look forward to exciting product reviews from them in the future, including the Amazing Anniversary Product!! So meet the Experts and watch their entry videos below! [yo … Read More

via The AmazingCosmetics Blog

Note: Please excuse my excessive blinking, woo-hooing, and poorly crafted visual aids. I’m new to the video blogging game…


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