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Movin’ on up…

July 22, 2010

It’s that time of year again: moving season!  Moving season sucks.  There is no point in dancing around the truth.  It totally, utterly sucks.

Moving is especially bothersome in college, where one tends to move about 6 times in a four-year span, each time about 1.5 city blocks from one’s previous residence.  Aside from the obvious annoyances like packing up all your knickknacks (ohhhh, knickknacks) and gratuitous heavy lifting, you will also need to clean the shiest out of your old place.  Here’s a list of tips to help ensure that security deposit you paid makes its way back into your eternally-empty pockets…

4 Tips for securing your security deposit:

1. Use vinegar. There is a lot to be said for using what you already have.  Mix vinegar with HOT water and use it to clean tile, laminate, even hardwood floors!  It won’t leave residue or make the ground sticky like many cleaning products.

2. Mr. Clean Magic Erasers actually are black magic. Use them on grout to fix discoloration, and to remove scuffs and marks on walls, doors, floors, and bathtubs.

3. Remove carpet stains without that Stanley Steamer guy. If 409 isn’t doing the job, try  Red Wine Away on those beer and wine stains you accumulated throughout the year.

4. Don’t forget the little things. Remember wipe down your fridge, scrub burners, and clean the oven.  Follow whatever “To-do” list your landlord gives your to the letter.  Landlords assume two fundamental things about college students: that they are stupid, and they are lazy.  Know what is delineated under the moving out section of your lease, and actually DO what it says.  If you know your landlords are skeeze-balls, take photo evidence of your clean apartment in case of future issues.

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