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AmazingCosmetics works it out at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week…

September 16, 2010

Models strike a pose in the loft after Megan Walsh's Blank Silk show

Greetings from New York Fashion Week 2010!  And by that I mean, greetings from my living room couch!  I am not quite to the point in my career where top fashion houses are vying for my attendance as they launch their latest and greatest collections.

However, our friends over at AmazingCosmetics are in the middle of an action-packed week in the Big Apple!  Both designers Megan Walsh and Zang Toi chose AmazingCosmetics to be the sponsor for their shows!  Check out some highlights and backstage pics from Toi’s Spring 2011 collection (pictured above), as well as my AmazingExpert runway look tutorial (below)…

Note: Look for my total fail around the 1:29 mark…then watch me do it again at 1:36.  And no, I have absolutely no idea what I say after the “close up.”  The world may never know.

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